Potable Water Sampling – Landlord

EMS Water undertake a variety of water sampling services including potable water sampling. Potable water is water which is safe to use as drinking water for human consumption and for it to be classified as ‘drinking water’ it must be tested and analysed for a number of routine microbiological and chemical components. Water Sampling & Testing on a routine basis is one of the most cost-effective ways for determining and monitoring the ongoing quality of water at any location. It provides a simple way to demonstrate that the quality of water available is fit for purpose and ensures a proactive approach to maintaining health, safety and compliance in a building.

EMS undertook a potable water sample on behalf of our client who was a private landlord with a rental property just outside Leominster in Herefordshire. The landlord was required to ensure the water was able to be classified as drinking water for the tenants of the property.

EMS surveyors visited site to undertake the sampling and sampled the private water supply to the house from two separate locations. These samples were then transported to the lab for analysis.

EMS administered the laboratory results within seven days. The results advised were outside of the safe parameters for drinking water and our water hygiene consultant provided ongoing advice and support for remediation of the water including a filtration system to be installed to reduce bacteria counts in the water.

EMS assisted our client with the remediation process, working with to advise and recommend a local company to administer a UV filtration system to be installed at the address in Leominster. Following successful installation, EMS returned to the site to undertake repeat sampling to ensure the filtration system was working as required with seven working days. These repeat sampling results demonstrated a considerable reduction in bacterial counts in the water including harmful bacteria, meaning that the water was then deemed to be ‘drinking water’.

EMS have provided ongoing maintenance support and advice to our client and following the results demonstrating the water is now able to be classified as drinking water, agreed an annual sampling monitoring plan with our client to ensure that annual tests are undertaken to ensure the continuing effectiveness of the system and water safety. EMS Water are able to provide a flexible service in order to maintain ongoing, routine sampling as well as ad-hoc sampling when required. Our highly qualified water consultants and technicians are trained to take samples using aseptic techniques to minimise the risk of contamination to the sample and false results.

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