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In accordance with ACoP L8, the Duty Holder is required to formally appoint a “Responsible Person” to manage the risks from legionella bacteria. They should possess sufficient authority, competence and knowledge to ensure all operational procedures are carried out in a timely and effective manner.

Although organisations may have personnel in place to support the implementation of legionella management and subsequent control regimes, individuals may not always have sufficient health and safety management experience directly in relation to Legionella.

EMS Water are therefore able to provide a number of services to support the management of legionella and water systems which include some of the below;

Risk Management Audits

A Legionella Risk Management Audit or Legionella Compliance audit is a review of an organisations legionella management plan. This will include a review of all associated control procedures and day-to-day activities to ensure compliance with legislation and effective risk management relating to the control of legionella bacteria and Legionnaires disease.

A risk management audit is NOT legionella risk assessment. It is a system to ensure that a risk system has been put in place and is using effective measures to control the risks from exposure to legionella bacteria.

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A Risk Management Audit will evaluate all aspects associated with the current Legionella Control document in place at a premises. It will evaluate the risk assessment and the roles and responsibilities of the duty holder and responsible persons. It will consider factors including;

· Was the person/company who carried out the risk assessment competent/have access to competent advice
· Have control measures been implemented as a result of the assessment
· Are there circumstances which have been identified which would require a review of this assessment
· Is a responsible person identified (in writing), and are their contact details available (in the event of an emergency)
· Have all staff identified in the control regime received appropriate training

The review will also consider factors such as the competency of external contractors (if applicable) and if their roles and responsibilities are also recorded in writing. The review will take into account wider health and safety risks including COSHH assessments, working at height, working in confined spaces etc.


Policy & Procedure Creation & Revision

EMS Water can create bespoke policies and procedures for clients. They are able to be produced to customer specific requirements in order to manage and monitor water systems of all kinds.
These policies are often referred to as:


Risk Minimisation Plan


Water Safety Plan

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Water Hygiene Manual

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Water Hygiene Log Book

Bespoke Site
Procedures & Policies

EMS Water are also able to design, prepare and implement bespoke site specific procedures. These will demonstrate safe management, safe systems of work, preferred designs , routine monitoring, contingency plans and maintenance of water systems.

Water System Design
Consultancy and Support

EMS Water are provide support as part of new build design, property acquisition and refurbishment in order to aid the minimisation of future management actions and risks. We are able to provide CAD drawing services as part of design for your water systems to allow for suitable drawings to be held in compliance with ACoP L8.

In-House Legionella
Policy Document

EMS Water are able to work with you to create an in-house Legionella Policy Document to ensure compliance for clients with large portfolios or groups. This will be in accordance with the requirements of the Legislation and Guidance (L8  4th Edition and HSG274)

EMS Water will aim to work alongside those defined as Responsible to ensure that effective management and control is being achieved and that the risks are being suitably managed “so far as reasonably practicable” in accordance with legislative requirements. Our consultancy services can range from a little bit of advice to a retained support package.

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