Interview with EMS Water Department Head Jason Godsil

EMS Water's head of department Jason Godsil joined EMS in 2023 and has been a part of growing our team and client base. Jason has over 12 years of experience in the water hygiene industry and is an experienced legionella risk assessor and water consultant.

Jason explains a bit about what drew him to work for EMS Geotech, what makes us different from the rest and what his long-term goals are for the department.

What drew you to work for EMS?


A: After spending a decade with the same company, I found myself craving a new challenge and fresh opportunities. It was during this period of professional contemplation that I had the pleasure of engaging in multiple discussions with Jamie, who was spearheading an exciting project within EMS, particularly focused on enhancing and advancing the legionella department. The prospect of being part of this endeavour was simply too enticing to resist. What truly captured my interest was not just the project itself but also the dynamic leadership of Jamie, whose vision and direction resonated with me. Upon joining EMS, I was immediately struck by the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth that permeated the company culture. There was an unmistakable sense of belonging and camaraderie, akin to that of a close-knit family, which affirmed my decision and further fuelled my excitement to contribute to EMS's mission and growth.



What do EMS Water do best?


A: At the heart of our operations lies our commitment to customer service. Our dedicated team members are customer-focused who strive to exceed expectations at every turn. From the initial inquiry stage to the final delivery, our customers remain our top priority. We understand that each interaction is an opportunity to cultivate trust and foster lasting relationships, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure a seamless and personalised experience.


What are EMS Water's strengths?


The feedback we receive from our clients serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. They commend us for our exceptional organisation, proactive assistance, and unwavering support throughout their journey with us. It is this relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction that sets us apart and drives us to continuously raise the bar in everything we do.


 What is EMS Water's USP?


A: Our unique selling point lies in the personalised service we provide to our customers—a level of attention and care that often eludes larger businesses. Unlike corporations where clients can feel like mere numbers in a system, we pride ourselves on fostering genuine connections with each individual we serve. This commitment to personalised service is particularly evident in our interactions with local customers, who appreciate the "local business" ambiance we cultivate. Whether it's remembering a client's preferences, offering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, or simply providing a friendly face they can trust, we prioritise building meaningful relationships that extend beyond transactions. Our ability to offer this personalised touch sets us apart in a world where genuine human connection is increasingly rare, and it forms the cornerstone of our identity as a business.


What is your aspiration for the department and your own development and how does that fit with making EMS Water great?

A: Ultimately, our primary aspiration for the department is growth—both in terms of turnover and size. However, this ambition is not simply about expanding our numbers; it's about continuously improving the quality and scope of our services. We are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the field of legionella compliance, constantly seeking out new and creative ways to assist our customers to ensure compliance.

Additionally, we recognise that our most valuable asset is our team, and fostering their professional development is paramount to our success. We are dedicated to providing ongoing training and opportunities for skill enhancement, empowering our employees to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to the company's growth trajectory.
In essence, our aspirations for departmental and personal development align seamlessly with the overarching goal of making EMS Water not just good, but truly great—a trusted partner in safeguarding health and safety through expertise and dedication.

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