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As part of our services at EMS Water we provide training on how to inspect and test water systems to ensure they are managed correctly. We are also able to provide training and guidance on how to  systematically manage buildings and water systems to ensure Legionella is managed safely.Common MisconceptionsOften the biggest contributing factor to cases and outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease is the lack of, or incorrect management applied by organisations.  There are a number of common misconceptions we often come across when taking training courses. A very common one is that: 'Legionnaires’ disease no longer occurs' . Many individuals also simply do not realise that they are legally required to manage the hazard of Legionella within their business or the types of water systems they own and operate. Recent UK OutbreaksWe have included some links to some recent outbreak reports to show that cases of Legionellosis occur year in year out within the UK, despite this being a totally preventable disease.


Vale of GlamorganIslingtonContact Us TodayIf you would like further information on how and what your organisation is required to do in order to be compliant with Legislation when managing Legionella EMS Water are able to help. We can also offer specific training on either testing and inspection or management of this health and safety risk.


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